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Just finished these 3 little fellows. They are already delivered to ROD_Carturesti.

You should be able to spot my cats laying in the sun at Street Delivery this weekend.


The latest minies from my oven:

I love this striped fabric that I had in my studio for quite some time and I didn’t know what to do with it. Well, I think it makes out the cutest Dots with Wings and some cool shaped Bunnies.

The softest pink fabric is still something I can’t get enough of.

These ones will arrive at ROD@Cărturești today, too.


The Winged Dots are a series of characters that I do for a while and I still like a bunch. Their simplicity is something I care about and I want to keep in all my future characters, they are fun and somehow unexpected and they always produce  a first reaction that’s usually a laugh. They are small size monsters that would fit in many environments. Try them!


Last 3 spooks from my studio!

Here are the latest 5 monsters that will be available in few days at ROD – Cărturești :

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