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Ioana, my oldest & best friend ordered this new Junkie Monster for her student –  friend. I’ve waited for a while until i could post pictures of him since Ioana wanted to be a surpise, so after finishing him i kept  quiet for few days until he was delivered to his new rightful owner –  fortunately and thankfully .

Again some purple stripes and a hairy face!

weekend making of dublumicmaking of, weekend

Din momentul in care am vazut desenele si apoi decupate tiparele am ramas muta. Au creat niste personaje incredibile, mai ales pentru varstele lor.

Sedinta foto tarziu in noapte ca sa putem potrivi programul meu, al fotografului Claudiu, al Mosului, al Spiridusului, al Craciunitei si al Craiesei… deci a fost complicat dar ne-am adunat cu totii pana la urma.

It was so much fun!!

I’ve selected just few pictures to illustrate what happened in my house in the last weeks. Hundreds of  ING Omuletzi & ING Omuletze grew from my own two hands every day until I had no room to sleep anymore…. anyway , there was no time for sleep at some point .

I loved them when they are finished but nevertheless I found them very cute and expressive even when they were just half done.

But this was  a commissioned work so I had to finish them all 🙂

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