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Eupluscatevadin jucariilemele

Ana did it and look how cool this Bearded Long Skinny Legs Hockey Fellow turned out to be! He will definitely rock that EA office!

The latest custom order I’ve delivered to New York was such a cool idea from a guy I’ve met and already turned into a toy before. It looks like he liked himself so much as a mini soft version that he came up with this crazy-cool idea for a gift for his nephew that lives in a different country: 7 members of his family as soft toys!

What would be more fun for a kid than to play with his family, literally, every day?

All I need is a picture and I’ll make a toy of of you!


Târgul de design a fost organizat în Piața Amzei, cu ocazia Street Delivery și a prezentat obiecte create de Studio Mud, De Ceramica, BumbagR, Ploosh, PATZAIKIN, Eyecandy Monsters, Woodlens eyewear, Woodish, EcoSocial Atelier, Moogu Contemporary Jewellery, SKIN DEEP, Square Art Studio, dar și o selecție făcută de Giftshop-ul The Institute.
Printr-un parteneriat semnat cu Administrația Piețelor Sector 1, The Institute va derula anul acesta un program susținut de evenimente și manifestări cultural-artistice și de promovare a antreprenorilor din industrii creative, menit să contribuie la reinventarea și revitalizarea spațiului Pieței Amzei și la reintroducerea acestuia în circuitul urban și în atenția publicului larg.
Toate aceste activități se vor derula sub numele Amzei Market Makers, și în efortul de a-și atinge obiectivele asumate, The Institute se bucură de parteneriatul demarat în 2014 cu ING Bank, prin care sunt încurajate atât antreprenoriatul creativ din România, cât și dezvoltarea urbană cu ajutorul energiei și resurselor industriilor culturale și creative.

Sursa fotografii : The Institute  si fotografii personale

Every time I receive a specific order I meet some challenges for the first time. Almost 99% of the times, some cool solutions comes out of them, something I could have not found if I wasn’t asked for that specific feature.

I feel so lucky that such requests come my way that make me discover new characters in my monstrous garden of possible ideas.

These cute monstrous girls are fresh form the oven!

After making a lot of long leg fellows, some with beanies and some with big beards, I’ve decided it’s time for some girls!

First I’ve made a custom order for Manuela, the fairy looking gymnast and since the next order came with a special request to use a lot of pink, I’ve made these two cute sisters.

Girls are some crazy but oh, so fun!

Most images are not mine but were taken by the photographers present at the event on the 19th and 20th of December at Made in RO Christmas Fair 2015 @ Impact Hub Bucharest.

I had fun exhibiting so many of my monsters and I was pretty proud of my big display.

Thank you for the pictures! Thank you for visiting !

Most of them are available at ROD Carturesti as well.

Such joy to knit small accessories like beanies and scarves for these little Apple Bugs. I’m addicted to doing it already .

These little fellows are around 15cm tall, made of printed cotton and the big eyes are drawn by hand with textile colors.





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