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After making a lot of long leg fellows, some with beanies and some with big beards, I’ve decided it’s time for some girls!

First I’ve made a custom order for Manuela, the fairy looking gymnast and since the next order came with a special request to use a lot of pink, I’ve made these two cute sisters.

Girls are some crazy but oh, so fun!

Ultimele doua luni mi le-am petrecut desenand si compunand aceste noi personaje special create pentru magazinul online Cununa. Cununa sunt niste draguti care ma apreciaza si mi-au lasat libertatea sa creez mai multe personaje noi, cumva legate de basme si povesti romanesti. Asa ca am ales cateva animale pe care le-am interpretat aducandu-le ceva monstruos de frumos in infatisare. Sunt in total 9 modele pe 3 dimensiuni diferite , de la 25-30 cm pana la aproximativ 1m inaltime.  Sunt jucarii moi, creaza dependenta de imbratisare si poti dormi linistit pe ele infasurandu-ti picioarele in jurul gatului.

Animale inalte, cu picioate subtiri si lungi in dungi.

Am făcut atât de multi copchii că am început să-i împraștii. Pe mulți dintre ei îi găsiți la Cărturești, pe restul întreabă-mă doar și îndată îi primști! Pam Pam!

Hey peoplez,

I’ve just finished a bunch of new monsters, some MoustaBunnies – as you might suspect they are bunnies with moustaches , and some new Winged Dots, in the next pictures you’ll see just one, the sweetest soft pink with a neon horn !

Soon they’ll arrive at ROD@Cărturești

Ioana, my oldest & best friend ordered this new Junkie Monster for her student –  friend. I’ve waited for a while until i could post pictures of him since Ioana wanted to be a surpise, so after finishing him i kept  quiet for few days until he was delivered to his new rightful owner –  fortunately and thankfully .

Again some purple stripes and a hairy face!

Few lucky ladies made my list so here they are – the gifts , not the ladies 🙂


The Black Wolves team is a Romanian team that takes part into the Budapest – Bamako Rally, a rally with a charitable purpose, organised for those that carry the desire to have taken part into the Dakar Rally ( The lay-out of Budapest – Bamako is the old Dakar lay-out).

4 guys having their first big adventure together, “From White to Black (and back)”

You can follow them on facebook here:

I was happy to give away few of my monsters to accompany them into this trip and to arrive somewhere in some far away kid’s arms.

Congratulations Black Wolves for your endeavour!




Three young mammoths from the Teeth Collection and another Mini Wabbit on red to add to the Minies Series.

A quirky friend for Friday-child. She’s so pretty in her tangled way!

Familia de omuleți a fost creata special pentru cabinetul Irinei Calota, psiholog clinician – jucarii noi pentru copiii care o viziteaza 🙂

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