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Am făcut atât de multi copchii că am început să-i împraștii. Pe mulți dintre ei îi găsiți la Cărturești, pe restul întreabă-mă doar și îndată îi primști! Pam Pam!

The Hairy faced mammoths are back and are here to stay!

We are ready for the winter, even though it’s getting sunnier and warmer outside, I love the faux fur so much, I cannot get enough of it so more and more creatures with hairy faces will pop up here on the blog, on Facebook and @Rod_Carturesti and @Roland, the shops that sell my monsters in Bucharest.

Touch them if you have the chance!

Here are the latest 5 monsters that will be available in few days at ROD – Cărturești :

Last two wingy unicorn-wannabees: Bully and Cuckoo-Chess

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