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from the Teeth Collection

from the Teeth Collection

Here you go Alexandra.


I’m caught up in the making of some very Christmasy costumes for one of my friend’s business. But since i had this idea of making some very girly cute pouches for phones and laptops for a while, i’m just showing the first two, made for my colleague to give as a present to his wife.

Because of too much heat I was looking every morning into my shoes collection for something new . Something with as much skin outside and that barefoot feeling. I found these old-not-so-fun sandals bought by accident once. They were so sad in the original form sitting there unnoticed by me… so i did a little pimpin’ job on them and now I love them , so something new to wear when it’s hot 🙂

Philippe gets the attention all the time.

parada modei@control nov 2009

Pai tot niste brose…

clar, trebuie sa revin cu monstri.

brosha bebe baietzel

brosa bebe baietzel


brosa fetita ciufulita

alta fetita brosha

brosa fetitza coditza

brosha black chick

brosa black chick

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