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I had this idea in mind my for a long time. I wanted to work on some bunnies inspired by my pet bunny, the cute Haiku who stood by me sadly just for 6 years.

It took me by surprise when she went away but this idea got stuck into my heard lingering until  I’ve found a way to get it out.

Also I was planing for a while to try this new style in which I would hand stitch all the face elements. It’s so fun and it has endless possibilities  and it also adds even more cuteness to my toys.

These balls of cuddling beauties, cotton-candy-honey-bunnies are the result.

Most images are not mine but were taken by the photographers present at the event on the 19th and 20th of December at Made in RO Christmas Fair 2015 @ Impact Hub Bucharest.

I had fun exhibiting so many of my monsters and I was pretty proud of my big display.

Thank you for the pictures! Thank you for visiting !

Most of them are available at ROD Carturesti as well.

Such joy to knit small accessories like beanies and scarves for these little Apple Bugs. I’m addicted to doing it already .

These little fellows are around 15cm tall, made of printed cotton and the big eyes are drawn by hand with textile colors.

First few monsters from this new fabric I love.

Can’t wait to do more out of it !


Cateva dintre ele, 5 mai exact, vor merge la “Noaptea alba a creatorilor si designerilor de produs 2014” de pe 20 Septembrie de la Institutul Francez.

Restul plus urmatoarele vor ajunge la un nou magazin din Bucuresti cu care voi incepe colaborarea de la 1 Septembrie si de asemenea, la Rod – Carturesti.


Just finished these 3 little fellows. They are already delivered to ROD_Carturesti.

You should be able to spot my cats laying in the sun at Street Delivery this weekend.

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